Flash (Visual)

Theme deck involving all "Flash" cards.
Untap lands on other people's turns (Seedborn, Prophet, Reset)
Triggers on when you play spells (Maelstrom Nexus, Ephara, Faerie Tauntings)

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General (1):
Sliver Queen

Flash Creatures (31):
Darksteel Sentinel Bounding Krasis Fleetfeather Cockatrice Horizon Chimera Mystic Snake Notion Thief Surrak Dragonclaw Wydwen, the Biting Gale Draining Whelk Inspired Sprite Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur Mizzium Meddler Pearl Lake Ancient Pestermite Plaxmanta Silumgar Sorcerer Spellstutter Sprite Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir Vendilion Clique Venser, Shaper Savant Voidmage Husher Caller of the Claw Cloudthresher Bogardan Hellkite Dualcaster Mage Angel of Salvation Angel of the Dire Hour Aven Mindcensor Containment Priest Masako the Humorless Seht's Tiger

Spells / Non-Flash Creatures (23):
Mind's Eye Ephara, God of the Polis Maelstrom Nexus Prophet of Kruphix Blessing of Leeches Dictate of Erebos Faerie Tauntings Necromancy Ragged Veins Breaking Wave Dictate of Kruphix Mind Unbound Mystical Teachings Ophidian Eye Reset Teferi, Temporal Archmage Dictate of Karametra Epic Proportions Seedborn Muse Dictate of the Twin Gods Ghitu Fire Dictate of Heliod Rout

Mana Acceleration (9):
Chromatic Lantern Coalition Relic Commander's Sphere Fellwar Stone Worn Powerstone Gilded Lotus Mirari's Wake Mana Reflection Skyshroud Claim

Lands (36):
Underground Sea Tundra Taiga Savannah Bayou Tropical Island Volcanic Island Watery Grave Hallowed Fountain Stomping Ground Temple Garden Overgrown Tomb Breeding Pool Steam Vents Crumbling Necropolis Arcane Sanctum Savage Lands Seaside Citadel Jungle Shrine Opulent Palace Sandsteppe Citadel Nomad Outpost Frontier Bivouac Mystic Monastery Sunken Ruins Mystic Gate Fire-Lit Thicket Wooded Bastion Twilight Mire Flooded Grove Cascade Bluffs Command Tower Exotic Orchard Gaea's Cradle Reflecting Pool Sol Ring