Instants (Visual)

As a Timmy player, I don't run a lot of instants / immediate responses to things.
So I made this deck to compensate.
The resultant deck is still very Timmy, though.

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General (1):
Melek, Izzet Paragon

Non-Instants (14)
Isochron Scepter Mirari Sphinx-Bone Wand Djinn Illuminatus Nivix Guildmage Cast Through Time Elite Arcanist Lunar Mystic Prescient Chimera Talrand, Sky Summoner Tidespout Tyrant Charmbreaker Devils Guttersnipe Young Pyromancer

Instants (41)
Epic Experiment FireIce Firemind's Foresight Prophetic Bolt TurnBurn AEtherspouts Blue Sun's Zenith Blustersquall Capsize Cryptic Command Cyclonic Rift Fact or Fiction Illusionist's Gambit Jace's Ingenuity Keep Watch Lost in the Mist Mana Drain Opportunity Polymorphist's Jest Stroke of Genius Supplant Form Time Stop Trickbind Twincast Whispers of the Muse Chaos Warp Comet Storm Fork Grab the Reins Into the Core Radiate Reiterate Reverberate Searing Wind Shattering Pulse Smash Starstorm Urza's Rage Volcanic Geyser Wild Ricochet Word of Seizing

Mana Acceleration (9):
Caged Sun Cloud Key Gilded Lotus Mana Matrix Semblance Anvil Thran Dynamo Worn Powerstone Goblin Electromancer Arcane Melee

Lands (35):
Volcanic Island Steam Vents Boseiju, Who Shelters All Cascade Bluffs Command Tower Izzet Boilerworks Izzet Guildgate Reflecting Pool Reliquary Tower Scalding Tarn Shivan Reef Spinerock Knoll Sulfur Falls Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Sol Ring

Sideboard (Omitted/Cut card ideas):
Into the Roil Strionic Resonator Eyes of the Watcher Sakashima the Impostor AEtherize Surrakar Spellblade Patron of the Moon Izzet Guildmage Swerve Cognivore Galvanoth Echo Mage Spellbinder Mischievous Quanar Savage Beating Kaho, Minamo Historian Gelectrode Rush of Blood Ghitu Fire Copy Artifact