Lich (Visual)

This deck runs every "Lich" card in magic, except for Jarad and Scornful AEther-Lich.
Instants/Sorceries for Dralnu
Tokens as buffer for sacrificing permanents to Dralnu (doesn't work for Lich though, that has to be cards)
Life Gain / Platinum Angel for Lich (if I play it)

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General (1):
Dralnu, Lich Lord

Creatures (8):
Platinum Angel Havengul Lich Lich Lord of Unx Phylactery Lich River Kelpie Sakashima the Impostor Talrand, Sky Summoner Tidespout Tyrant

Spells (47):
Lich's Mirror Lich's Tomb Lightning Greaves Magebane Armor Skittering Invasion Soul Conduit Sphinx-Bone Wand Swiftfoot Boots Memory Plunder Silumgar's Command Army of the Damned Bitterblossom Consume Spirit Drain Life Dregs of Sorrow Empty the Pits Essence Feed Exsanguinate Fated Return Ghastly Conscription In Garruk's Wake Lich Nefarious Lich Overwhelming Forces Plague Wind Rise of the Dark Realms Sorin's Vengeance Soul Burn Syphon Flesh AEther Gale AEtherspouts Cast Through Time Clone Legion Cryptic Command Distorting Wake Dragonlord's Prerogative Jace's Ingenuity Notorious Throng Opportunity Pemmin's Aura Rite of Replication Secrets of the Dead Skywise Teachings Stroke of Genius Supplant Form Time Stop Twincast

Mana Acceleration (9):
Caged Sun Altar of the Lost Catalyst Stone Gilded Lotus Paradise Plume Unstable Obelisk Crypt Ghast Nirkana Revenant Arcane Melee

Lands (35):
Underground Sea Watery Grave Bad River Cabal Coffers Deserted Temple Minamo, School at Water's Edge Miren, the Moaning Well Polluted Delta Reliquary Tower Temple of Deceit Thawing Glaciers Thespian's Stage Tolaria West Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth Vesuva Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Island Island Island Island Island Island Sol Ring