Lorwyn Shadowmoor Block

Lorwyn Shadowmoor Block (Visual)

Everything is from the Lorwyn and Shadowmoor mini-blocks.

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General (2 possible):
Horde of Notions Reaper King

Creatures (31):
Ashenmoor Liege Balefire Liege Boartusk Liege Brion Stoutarm Cemetery Puca Creakwood Liege Deathbringer Liege Dominus of Fealty Glen Elendra Liege Mindwrack Liege Murkfiend Liege Nobilis of War Oona, Queen of the Fae Overbeing of Myth Sapling of Colfenor Thistledown Liege Wilt-Leaf Liege Cairn Wanderer Dread Mulldrifter Shapesharer Chameleon Colossus Regal Force Vigor Woodfall Primus Taurean Mauler Archon of Justice Mirror Entity Purity Twilight Shepherd Windbrisk Raptor

Spells (23):
Cauldron of Souls Colfenor's Urn Diviner's Wand Dire Undercurrents Fable of Wolf and Owl Memory Plunder Mirrorweave Spitting Image Liliana Vess Profane Command Wound Reflection Cryptic Command Mind Spring Thought Reflection Cream of the Crop Primal Command Chandra Nalaar Rage Reflection Wild Ricochet Ajani Goldmane Austere Command Feudkiller's Verdict Militia's Pride

Mana Acceleration (6):
Seedguide Ash Recross the Paths Mana Reflection Scuttlemutt Garruk Wildspeaker Bloom Tender

Lands (38):
Ancient Amphitheater Auntie's Hovel Cascade Bluffs Fetid Heath Fire-Lit Thicket Flooded Grove Gilt-Leaf Palace Graven Cairns Mistveil Plains Mosswort Bridge Murmuring Bosk Mutavault Mystic Gate Reflecting Pool Rugged Prairie Sapseep Forest Secluded Glen Spinerock Knoll Sunken Ruins Twilight Mire Vivid Crag Vivid Creek Vivid Grove Vivid Marsh Vivid Meadow Wanderwine Hub Windbrisk Heights Wooded Bastion Swamp Swamp Island Island Forest Forest Mountain Mountain Plains Plains