Mazirek Sacrifice Tokens

Mazirek Sacrifice Tokens (Visual)

Lots of token generators and ways to sacrifice tokens, to make my board huge.

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General (1):
Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest

Creatures (26):
Hangarback Walker Etched Oracle Mindless Automaton Pentavus Spawnsire of Ulamog Thopter Squadron Triskelavus Workhorse Corpsejack Menace Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord Korozda Guildmage Butcher of Malakir Ghoulcaller Gisa Smothering Abomination Zulaport Cutthroat Hooded Hydra Ant Queen Avenger of Zendikar Bloodspore Thrinax Brood Monitor Hydra Broodmaster Nemata, Grove Guardian Nullmage Shepherd Spike Weaver Wolfbriar Elemental Verdeloth the Ancient

Spells (25):
Ashnod's Altar Orochi Hatchery Phyrexian Altar Snake Basket Spawning Pit Army of the Damned Attrition Black Market Dictate of Erebos Grave Pact Vampiric Rites Cryptolith Rite Doubling Season Earthcraft Evolutionary Leap Feed the Pack Foster Gelatinous Genesis Hardened Scales Ooze Flux Parallel Lives Perilous Forays Primal Vigor Second Harvest Verdant Embrace

Mana Acceleration (12):
Burnished Hart Commander's Sphere Unstable Obelisk Wayfarer's Bauble Dawntreader Elk Diligent Farmhand Fertilid Growth Spasm Primal Growth Sakura-Tribe Elder Yavimaya Granger Zendikar Resurgent

Lands (36):
Bayou Evolving Wilds Foundry of the Consuls Gaea's Cradle Grim Backwoods High Market Myriad Landscape Spawning Bed Terramorphic Expanse Verdant Catacombs Westvale Abbey Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Sol Ring

Sideboard (Omitted/Cut card ideas):
Skittering Invasion From Beyond Awakening Zone Grave Titan Mycoloth Mana Reflection Verdant Force Retribution of the Ancients Slate of Ancestry Death's Presence Fungal Sprouting Kalonian Hydra Greater Good Phyrexian Plaguelord Minion Reflector Savra, Queen of the Golgari Skullclamp Caged Sun