Mercenary [Tribal]

Mercenary [Tribal] (Visual)

This is a 32 card sub-deck. It is added to the 68 card Main Tribal Deck.

Creatures (21):
Bog Glider Bog Smugglers Cateran Brute Cateran Enforcer Cateran Kidnappers Cateran Overlord Cateran Persuader Cateran Slaver Dauthi Mercenary Doomed Necromancer Highway Robber Misshapen Fiend Molting Harpy Phyrexian Driver Pit Raptor Primeval Shambler Rathi Assassin Rathi Fiend Rathi Intimidator Strongarm Thug Mercenary Informer

Spells (5):
Thousand-Year Elixir Cateran Summons Training Grounds Quest for Renewal To Arms!

Mana / Mana Accel. (6):
Blood Crypt Watery Grave Godless Shrine Overgrown Tomb Vivid Marsh Unbender Tine

Sideboard (Omitted/Cut card ideas):
Agent of Shauku Alley Grifters Death Charmer Doomed Necromancer Goblin Turncoat Mercenary Knight Phyrexian Prowler Rampart Crawler Rebel Informer Silent Assassin Skulking Fugitive Spineless Thug Spiteful Bully Seahunter Moggcatcher Rogue Skycaptain Sell-Sword Brute Sokenzan Renegade Soldier of Fortune Mercenaries