Oloro Whenever

Oloro Whenever (Visual)

Not quite a typical Oloro deck: This deck runs a ton of "Whenever [something] happens, gain 1 life" cards. So I get a lot of Oloro triggers, and kill people with the "each opponent loses 1 life" ability, and draw a bunch of cards at the same time.

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General (1):
Oloro, Ageless Ascetic

Creatures (31):
Pentavus Spawnsire of Ulamog Angel of Despair Ashen Rider Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim Cliffhaven Vampire Defiant Bloodlord Drogskol Reaver Karlov of the Ghost Council Vizkopa Guildmage Blood Artist Deathgreeter Essence Depleter Falkenrath Noble Pontiff of Blight Sangromancer Sengir Nosferatu Wall of Limbs Sakashima the Impostor Archangel of Thune Auriok Champion Celestial Force Healer of the Pride Leonin Elder Patron of the Kitsune Royal Herbalist Scholar of Athreos Shattered Angel Soul Warden Soul's Attendant Sunscorch Regent

Spells (18):
Alhammarret's Archive Staff of Domination Sun Droplet Unwinding Clock Well of Lost Dreams Black Market Bloodchief Ascension Circle of Affliction Exquisite Blood Polluted Bonds Sanguine Bond Lifetap Angelic Chorus Contemplation Lifeblood Moonlit Wake Righteous Cause Sanctimony

Mana Acceleration (15):
Azorius Signet Burnished Hart Chromatic Lantern Dimir Signet Dreamstone Hedron Gilded Lotus Hedron Archive Mind Stone Orzhov Keyrune Orzhov Signet Paradise Plume Pristine Talisman Thran Dynamo Unstable Obelisk Worn Powerstone

Lands (35):
Underground Sea Scrubland Tundra Watery Grave Godless Shrine Hallowed Fountain Arcane Sanctum Command Tower Dismal Backwater Glimmerpost Jwar Isle Refuge Kabira Crossroads Orzhova, the Church of Deals Radiant Fountain Reflecting Pool Reliquary Tower Scoured Barrens Sejiri Refuge Seraph Sanctuary Tranquil Cove Vault of the Archangel Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Island Island Plains Plains Plains Plains Plains Plains Sol Ring