Oros the Avenger

Oros the Avenger (Visual)

Change color effects
Set toughness effects
Deathtouch/Unblockable for Oros
Extra attack steps
All the creatures in the deck are white, so they don't get hosed
This deck requires multiple cards to interact in order to win, so I took the (unusual for me!) step of adding in a bunch of tutors.

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General (1):
Oros, the Avenger

Creatures (17):
Aurelia, the Warleader Deathbringer Liege Gisela, Blade of Goldnight Tariel, Reckoner of Souls Adarkar Valkyrie Akroma, Angel of Wrath Crovax, Ascendant Hero Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite Exorcist Glory Graven Dominator Ivory Giant Lightwielder Paladin Northern Paladin Odric, Master Tactician Pentarch Paladin Southern Paladin

Spells (38):
Basilisk Collar Distorting Lens Gorgon Flail Isochron Scepter Mind's Eye Planar Portal Quietus Spike Skyblinder Staff Spellbinder Staff of Nin Trailblazer's Boots Urza's Blueprints Whispersilk Cloak Debtors' Knell Aphotic Wisps Deathlace Demonic Tutor Diabolic Revelation Diabolic Tutor Grave Betrayal Grim Tutor Phyrexian Arena Sudden Spoiling Touch of Darkness Aggravated Assault Chaoslace Crimson Wisps Dwarven Song Gratuitous Violence Incite Rage Reflection Reiterate Singe Holy Mantle Humble Mass Calcify Spirit Mantle True Conviction

Mana Acceleration (8):
Coalition Relic Dreamstone Hedron Gilded Lotus Thran Dynamo Worn Powerstone Boros Keyrune Orzhov Keyrune Thunder Totem

Lands (36):
Badlands Scrubland Plateau Blood Crypt Godless Shrine Sacred Foundry Rakdos Carnarium Orzhov Basilica Boros Garrison Graven Cairns Fetid Heath Rugged Prairie Dragonskull Summit Isolated Chapel Clifftop Retreat Arid Mesa Bloodstained Mire Command Tower Marsh Flats Reflecting Pool Rogue's Passage Slayers' Stronghold Spinerock Knoll Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion Thespian's Stage Vault of the Archangel Windbrisk Heights Swamp Swamp Mountain Mountain Plains Plains Plains Plains Sol Ring