Proliferate (Visual)

Counters everywhere.
The mana base here is REALLY sketchy. I was trying to make the deck have literally every card using counters, even the lands. However, this makes the deck super slow. Probably should swap out battery lands for normal dual lands.

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General (1):
Sliver Queen

Creatures (28):
Etched Oracle Hangarback Walker Mindless Automaton Pentavus Thopter Squadron Triskelavus Triskelion Workhorse Corpsejack Menace Fathom Mage Ghave, Guru of Spores Gilder Bairn Marath, Will of the Wild Marchesa, the Black Rose Vorel of the Hull Clade Zameck Guildmage Necropolis Regent Djinn of Wishes Novijen Sages Sage of Fables Thrummingbird Viral Drake Champion of Lambholt Kalonian Hydra Mycoloth Plaguemaw Beast Shaman of the Great Hunt Mikaeus, the Lunarch

Spells (21):
Arcane Spyglass Contagion Clasp Contagion Engine Golem Foundry Lux Cannon Magistrate's Scepter Orochi Hatchery Ring of Three Wishes Throne of Geth Assemble the Legion Night Dealings Vile Requiem Inexorable Tide Mind Unbound Recantation Doubling Season Midsummer Revel Primal Vigor Torch Song Cathars' Crusade Serra's Liturgy

Mana Acceleration (15):
Astral Cornucopia Coalition Relic Everflowing Chalice Gemstone Array Pentad Prism Black Mana Battery Blue Mana Battery Green Mana Battery Red Mana Battery White Mana Battery Rasputin Dreamweaver Black Market Iceberg Druids' Repository Gyre Sage

Lands (35):
City of Shadows Mage-Ring Network Vivid Marsh Bottomless Vault Peat Bog Subterranean Hangar Vivid Creek Sand Silos Saprazzan Cove Saprazzan Skerry Llanowar Reborn Oran-Rief, the Vastwood Vivid Grove Hickory Woodlot Hollow Trees Rushwood Grove Dwarven Hold Mercadian Bazaar Sandstone Needle Vivid Crag Fountain of Cho Icatian Store Remote Farm Vivid Meadow Dreadship Reef Molten Slagheap Calciform Pools Fungal Reaches Gavony Township Saltcrusted Steppe Gemstone Mine Mirrodin's Core Opal Palace Tendo Ice Bridge Sol Ring