Silver Border

Silver Border (Visual)

Goofy deck; all the non-mana cards are silver-bordered.
I don't put in cards that force people to sing, dance, keep their hands together, etc.
The deck is plenty funny without physical stuff.
No 5-color general that's silver-bordered, so I use a (proxy of course) 1996 World Champion.
You can't see it here, but the basics in the real deck are Unglued/Unhinged.

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General (1):
1996 World Champion

Creatures (32):
Robot Chicken Stocking Tiger Yule Ooze BFM L BFM R Bad Ass Infernal Spawn of Evil Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evil Poultrygeist Avatar of Me Cheatyface Chicken a la King Double Header Greater Morphling Johnny, Combo Player Magical Hacker Richard Garfield, Ph.D. Smart Ass B-I-N-G-O Fat Ass Free-Range Chicken Fruitcake Elemental Old Fogey Timmy, Power Gamer Uktabi Kong Assquatch Chicken Egg Dumb Ass Bosom Buddy Ladies' Knight Mesa Chicken Miss Demeanor

Spells (24):
Gleemax Spatula of the Ages World-Bottling Kit NaughtyNice Who What When Where Why Booster Tutor Evil Presents Fowl Play Gifts Given Flock of Rabid Sheep Granny's Payback Remodel Blast from the Past Goblin Tutor Season's Beatings Strategy, Schmategy The Ultimate Nightmare of Wizards of the Coast Customer Service Yet Another AEther Vortex AWOL Erase Look at Me, I'm the DCI Snow Mercy Staying Power

Mana Acceleration (7):
Blacker Lotus Jack-in-the-Mox Mana Screw Mox Lotus Land Aid '04 Double Play Cheap Ass

Lands (36):
Underground Sea Bayou Badlands Scrubland Tropical Island Volcanic Island Tundra Taiga Savannah Plateau Watery Grave Overgrown Tomb Blood Crypt Godless Shrine Breeding Pool Steam Vents Hallowed Fountain Stomping Ground Temple Garden Sacred Foundry Swamp Island Forest Mountain Plains Swamp Island Forest Mountain Plains Vesuva City of Ass Krosan Verge Exotic Orchard Reflecting Pool Sol Ring

Sideboard (Omitted/Cut card ideas):
Meddling Kids Tainted Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey Carnivorous Death-Parrot Topsy Turvy Pygmy Giant Urza's Science Fair Project Emcee Elvish House Party Wordmail Bronze Calendar Jumbo Imp