Skeleton Ship Abuse

Skeleton Ship Abuse (Visual)

Proliferate effects
Untap Skeleton Ship
Things that use or give -1/-1 counters; Infect creatures
Cards that generate +1/+1 counters (synergy with global -1/-1 adders and Proliferate effects)

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General (1):
Skeleton Ship

Creatures (24):
Blightsteel Colossus Core Prowler Grim Poppet Mindless Automaton Necropede Phyrexian Juggernaut Havengul Lich Carnifex Demon Demon of Dark Schemes Drakestown Forgotten Midnight Banshee Mikaeus, the Unhallowed Necroskitter Skinrender Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon Smoldering Butcher Soul Snuffers Djinn of Wishes Sakashima the Impostor Sphinx of Magosi Thrummingbird Tidal Force Vedalken Anatomist Viral Drake

Spells (32):
Contagion Engine Contagion Clasp Glaring Spotlight Illusionist's Bracers Lux Cannon Ring of Three Wishes Rings of Brighthearth Serrated Arrows Thornbite Staff Thousand-Year Elixir Trigon of Corruption Trigon of Thought Blowfly Infestation Crumbling Ashes Grave Betrayal Grim Affliction Liliana, Death Wielder Liliana's Influence Nest of Scarabs Spread the Sickness Sudden Spoiling Freed from the Real Fuel for the Cause Inexorable Tide Mind Unbound Pemmin's Aura Polymorphist's Jest Steady Progress Teferi, Temporal Archmage Tezzeret's Gambit

Mana Acceleration (10):
Astral Cornucopia Caged Sun Coalition Relic Dimir Keyrune Dimir Signet Everflowing Chalice Gilded Lotus Plague Myr Unstable Obelisk Black Market

Lands (35):
Underground Sea Watery Grave Arcane Lighthouse Grasping Dunes Ifnir Deadlands Inkmoth Nexus Minamo, School at Water's Edge Opal Palace Polluted Delta Sunken Hollow Thawing Glaciers Dreadship Reef Mage-Ring Network Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Sol Ring