Sydri Ping Creature

Sydri Ping Creature (Visual)

This deck runs a lot of artifacts that ping creatures; I use Sydri to animate the artifact and give it deathtouch.
There's a lot of mana rocks that I use as an army for Sydri once the board is a bit clearer.

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General (1):
Sydri, Galvanic Genius

Creatures (9):
Golem Artisan Grapeshot Catapult Masticore Shimmer Myr Steel Overseer Sharuum the Hegemon Master of Etherium Phyrexian Metamorph Vedalken Archmage

Spells (35):
Acorn Catapult Akroma's Memorial Bullwhip Caltrops Clock of Omens Cranial Plating Darksteel Forge Goblin Cannon Golem Foundry Illusionist's Bracers Kusari-Gama Leonin Bladetrap Mind's Eye Mirrorworks Prototype Portal Razor Boomerang Rings of Brighthearth Rocket Launcher Rod of Ruin Sculpting Steel Spine of Ish Sah Staff of Nin Sword of Fire and Ice Talon of Pain Temporal Aperture Unwinding Clock Urza's Blueprints Vedalken Orrery Whirling Catapult Time Sieve Copy Artifact Leyline of Anticipation Scourglass Soulscour Tempered Steel

Mana Acceleration (21):
Azorius Cluestone Black Mana Battery Blinkmoth Urn Blue Mana Battery Caged Sun Chromatic Lantern Cloud Key Coalition Relic Darksteel Ingot Dimir Cluestone Dreamstone Hedron Etherium Sculptor Gilded Lotus Manalith Obelisk of Esper Orzhov Cluestone Semblance Anvil Thran Dynamo White Mana Battery Worn Powerstone Unbender Tine

Lands (34):
Underground Sea Scrubland Tundra Watery Grave Godless Shrine Hallowed Fountain Polluted Delta Marsh Flats Flooded Strand Bad River Flood Plain Evolving Wilds Terramorphic Expanse Academy Ruins Arcane Sanctum Buried Ruin Command Tower Esper Panorama Mishra's Workshop Reflecting Pool Swamp Swamp Swamp Island Island Island Island Island Plains Plains Plains Plains Plains Sol Ring