Tims (Pingers)

Tims (Pingers) (Visual)

Tons of Tims (Pingers), and ways to untap them.
This deck has a low number of lands, but it generally doesn't need a lot.
Not sure about all these Time Walks; it's kinda unfun for the opponents. I may switch out for more untaps instead.

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General (1):
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind

Creatures (33):
Gelectrode Mercurial Chemister Razorfin Hunter Apprentice Sorcerer Capricious Sorcerer Fledgling Mawcor Mawcor Pirate Ship Prodigal Sorcerer Reveka, Wizard Savant Rootwater Hunter Suq'Ata Firewalker Temporal Adept Thornwind Faeries Time Elemental Willbreaker Wu Longbowman Zuran Spellcaster Brimstone Mage Chandra's Spitfire Combat Celebrant Cunning Sparkmage Embermage Goblin Frostwielder Goblin Dynamo Goblin Sharpshooter Jeska, Warrior Adept Kamahl, Pit Fighter Lightning Crafter Prodigal Pyromancer Viashino Fangtail Vithian Stinger Vulshok Sorcerer

Spells (24):
Paradox Engine Sword of Kaldra Thousand-Year Elixir Beacon of Tomorrows Breaking Wave Capture of Jingzhou Charisma Dismiss into Dream Dramatic Reversal Intellectual Offering Intruder Alarm Part the Waterveil Temporal Manipulation Temporal Mastery Temporal Trespass Time Stretch Time Warp Turnabout Walk the Aeons Aggravated Assault Fervor Hammer of Purphoros Gratuitous Violence Savage Beating

Mana Acceleration (8):
Burnished Hart Caged Sun Cryptolith Fragment Unstable Obelisk Worn Powerstone Fatestitcher Tidewater Minion Vizier of Tumbling Sands

Lands (34):
Volcanic Island Steam Vents Cascade Bluffs Sulfur Falls Arcane Lighthouse Command Tower Flamekin Village Izzet Boilerworks Minamo, School at Water's Edge Myriad Landscape Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx Spinerock Knoll Thawing Glaciers Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Sol Ring