Upkeep (Visual)

Silly deck that does lots of things during upkeep.

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General (1):
Karona, False God

Creatures (24):
Blood Tyrant Agent of Masks Creakwood Liege Dragon Broodmother Drana's Emissary Ephara, God of the Polis Nath of the Gilt-Leaf Oloro, Ageless Ascetic Progenitor Mimic Baleful Force Bloodgift Demon Bringer of the Black Dawn Graveborn Muse Bringer of the Blue Dawn Bringer of the Green Dawn Master of the Wild Hunt Mycoloth Nut Collector Verdant Force Capricious Efreet Dragonmaster Outcast Magmatic Force Luminous Angel Mirror-Sigil Sergeant

Spells (28):
Smokestack Staff of Nin Assemble the Legion Deadbridge Chant Debtors' Knell Etherwrought Page Mayael's Aria Bitterblossom Descent into Madness Phyrexian Arena Sheoldred, Whispering One Subversion Vile Requiem Followed Footsteps Honden of Seeing Winds Mind Unbound Paradox Haze Recantation Thopter Spy Network Awakening Zone From Beyond Honden of Life's Web Verdant Embrace Outpost Siege Commander's Authority Reya Dawnbringer Serra's Liturgy Starfield of Nyx

Mana Acceleration (12):
Chromatic Lantern Coalition Relic Commander's Sphere Fellwar Stone Gilded Lotus Lotus Blossom Thran Dynamo Worn Powerstone Mirari's Wake Rasputin Dreamweaver Mana Reflection Zendikar Resurgent

Lands (35):
Underground Sea Badlands Tundra Taiga Savannah Bayou Scrubland Tropical Island Volcanic Island Plateau Watery Grave Blood Crypt Hallowed Fountain Stomping Ground Temple Garden Overgrown Tomb Godless Shrine Breeding Pool Steam Vents Sacred Foundry Crumbling Necropolis Arcane Sanctum Savage Lands Seaside Citadel Jungle Shrine Opulent Palace Sandsteppe Citadel Nomad Outpost Frontier Bivouac Mystic Monastery Command Tower Exotic Orchard Gaea's Cradle Reflecting Pool Sol Ring