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This deck is made of cards from the "Challenge" decks (Face the Hydra, Battle the Horde, Defeat a God). You play as if you were a normal EDH deck, with the following special rules:
1. You can cast one spell per turn. Challenge cards don't have casting costs; their converted mana cost is 0. There are cards that allow you to play an extra spell per turn (the colored artifacts).
2. There some duplicate cards in the deck (especially creatures), due to there not being enough Challenge cards. When I play the deck I don't play cards if there is a duplicate on the battlefield already.
3. The creatures of type "Head" have the ability "0: Deal 1 damage to target player. Play this ability as a sorcery and only once per turn.". The "Elite Head" creatures are the same but deal 2 damage.
4. Colors: The Hydra deck cards are "Yellow", the Horde deck cards are "Orange", and the God deck cards are "Purple". These are legal colors to name in the game with effects.
5. Minor errata (tried to keep this to an absolute minimum): "Xenagos Ascended" (the general): The last phrase is changed from "each players wins the game" to "you lose the game". "The Champion" finds a Hero Artifact, not a Legendary Artifact. "The Vanquisher" draws a card when it ETBs. "The Slayer" gains you 7 life when you cast it.
6. Cave (lands): These are basic lands that make colorless mana. Pretty much all they are used for is the equipment. (They are not real; they were playtest cards. I could use other basic lands like Swamp, but I thought this would be cute.)
7. Hero Artifacts: There are stickers that allow you to customize these. I already have one sticker on each of these in my deck.
I've considered adding Conspiracy, Scheme, and Phenomenon cards to this deck, but the latter two are a different size, so I'd have to proxy them.
April Fools! Yes, I've built and played this deck. It's actually lot of fun, and very unusual.
Lands (15): General (1): Spells (51): Sideboard (Omitted/Cut card ideas):
15 Cave 1 Xenagos Ascended 1 Axe of the Warmonger  
    1 Bow of the Hunter  
  Creatures (33): 1 Cloak of the Philosopher  
  4 Hydra Head 1 Lash of the Tyrant  
  4 Ravenous Brute Head 1 Spear of the General  
  1 Savage Vigor Head 1 Disorienting Glower  
  1 Snapping Fang Head 1 Distract the Hydra  
  1 Shrieking Titan Head 1 Grown from the Stump  
  2 Minotaur Goreseeker 1 Hydra's Impenetrable Hide  
  2 Minotaur Younghorn 1 Neck Tangle  
  2 Mogis's Chosen 1 Noxious Hydra Breath  
  2 Phoberos Reaver 1 Strike the Weak Spot  
  2 Reckless Minotaur 1 Swallow the Hero Whole  
  2 Ecstatic Piper 1 The Avenger  
  2 Maddened Oread 1 The Harvester  
  2 Pheres-Band Revelers 1 The Hunter  
  2 Rollicking Throng 1 The Philosopher  
  2 Serpent Dancers 1 The Protector  
  2 Wild Maenads 1 The Slayer  
    1 The Warrior  
    1 Torn Between Heads  
    1 Unified Lunge  
    1 Altar of Mogis  
    1 Consuming Rage  
    1 Descend on the Prey  
    1 Intervention of Keranos  
    1 Massacre Totem  
    2 Plundered Statue  
    2 Refreshing Elixir  
    1 The Explorer  
    1 The General  
    1 The Provider  
    1 The Savant  
    1 The Tyrant  
    1 The Vanquisher  
    1 The Warmonger  
    1 Touch of the Horned God  
    1 Unquenchable Fury  
    1 Vitality Salve  
    1 Dance of Flame  
    1 Dance of Panic  
    1 Impulsive Charge  
    1 Impulsive Destruction  
    1 Impulsive Return  
    1 Rip to Pieces  
    1 The Destined  
    1 The Champion  
    1 Xenagos's Scorn  
    1 Xenagos's Strike