Assassin [Tribal]

Assassin [Tribal] (Visual)

This is a 32 card sub-deck. It is added to the 68 card Main Tribal Deck.

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Creatures (23):
Murderous Redcap Ramses Overdark Stalking Assassin Thraximundar Abyssal Hunter Big Game Hunter Dark Impostor Final-Sting Faerie Garza's Assassin Guul Draz Assassin Hunter of Eyeblights Kiku, Night's Flower King's Assassin Nekrataal Notorious Assassin Rathi Assassin Royal Assassin Scarblade Elite Serpent Assassin Stronghold Assassin Tsabo's Assassin Unliving Psychopath Wei Assassins

Spells (4):
Icy Manipulator Ring of Gix Mind Over Matter Vraska the Unseen

Mana / Mana Accel. (5):
Watery Grave Overgrown Tomb Blood Crypt Godless Shrine Steam Vents

Sideboard (Omitted/Cut card ideas):
Agent of the Fates Thrill-Kill Assassin Predator, Flagship Garza's Assassin Silent Assassin Suq'Ata Assassin Altar of Shadows